Bill Acceptor Troubleshooting

Problem: The Bill Acceptor will not accept bills.


  1. Ensure the lockable bill cassette is installed and locked.
  2. Unplug the Bill Acceptor then plug back in, it should cycle.
  3. If it does not cycle, you are without power or the Bill Acceptor is damaged.
  4. Ensure you have entered a permit choice and a dollar cost is displayed on screen. The bill path should have solid glowing red lights (blinking red indicates error state, refer to Bill Acceptor Error Codes). 
  5. Check to ensure your 9-pin connector is connected.
  6. Check to ensure there is no foreign material in the bill path.
  7. Change the cable, and the Bill Acceptor to determine your problem. (Work with one component at a time so you can isolate the non-functioning element.)
  8. Install a spare component or call your Customer Support for assistance.

Problem: The Bill Acceptor pulls the bill in 1/2 way then back out.


  1. Check quality of bills to ensure they are not excessively wrinkled or torn.
  2. Check to ensure all LED's are on.
  3. Open the Bill Acceptor up and clean the sensors.
  4. Install a spare Bill Acceptor or call your Customer Support for assistance.

Problem: The Bill Acceptor will not calibrate.


  1. Check to ensure you have power to your Bill Acceptor.
  2. Check to ensure Dip Switch #7 is on. The Bill Acceptor Dip Switches are
    located under the black cover on the left side of the Acceptor. A screw
    must be loosened to remove this cover. The small switches are in a line
    numbering 1 through 8.
  3. Check to ensure your calibration paper is clean.
  4. Check to ensure the hole in the calibration paper is toward you.
  5. Call your Customer Support department for assistance.


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